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Thank you for everyones help.
I have been searching for some utility that will make the drive work in a PC without having to put in an UTV first. Does anyone know if I could put the original back in my UTV, if my 120gig drive failed on me?
Is there anything I can do with my old UTV drive? If my 120gig drive went bad, could I reinstall the old one? Is there anyway to install it in a PC and reformat it?
I unchecked them all for right now. I'll see if I can figure out what they do.
There are 3 option under DVDMax that can be checked and I have no clue if any of them should be checked or not. Here they are: Preserve source cropping Scale only on page flip Use fluid based scaling Any idea if I need to mess with any of theses?
UTV is awesome. For $99 I would do it, especially since you can add a bigger hard drive. I wasn't a believer until I got one and I wished I had bought it earlier after using it.
I installed the cable and latest drivers and it actually works. The picture looks pretty good. The text is a little hard to read, but I wasn't expecting it to be perfect.
Thanks for all the help. I'll order the cable and see how it works.
The PC is a P3 933 w/ 512 memory. What are Powerdesk utilities? Is that a Matrox download or another companies? Would Powerstrip help adjust the picture when using an S-video connection?
I have a Matrox g450 dual head. If I bought their cable with S-video out would that work pretty well?
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