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Price drop, didn't realize that my price was high to begin with, Mede8er X6003D w/box and all accessories. 2nd owner here, bought it here in October. Hardly used it due to continued illness. Has to go.The player is like new, all the original cables etc.. are included. Price included USPS Priority Mail shipping to the lower 48.
I started watching GoT about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Was a pain to get the past episodes from DTV until I discovered HBO Go on my Roku 3. Simply thrilling series thus far. I enjoyed S1 immensely, and S3 was just great. The Rains of Castamere simply blew me away.
I tried the Plex as well. Very nice. Simple to setup and run. The only reason I don't use it is I would have to have my computer on, versus the NAS. They don't have a reliable flavor of Plex for my Qnap, yet.
I have the same Qnap and Asus as you. I can stream 1080p mkv's no problem at all using either a Sony BDP-s390, a Sony BDP-s5100 (my NAS shows up in the video section) or a Roku 2 or 3, just using the Twonky flavor that comes withe the Qnap. This is straight streaming, no transcoding. Works perfectly for me. Has to be a problem with a cable I would think.
Thanks for the info!
Does it have HBO Go, or will it, if you know? Thanks,
Ah, Nick Tahoes....my father started working at the original one on Main St in 1927 when he was 10, making a dime and a potato a day. I liked Thats my Boy too! Haha. I am in Henrietta, about 10 -15 from where you went to school. Must have been something in those Garbage Plates...... Cheers!
Yes I did, and yes. I am an old man (in this forum at least) and have seen it all, and I really enjoy the goofy Sandler films. Loved Shaq btw.
Now, I don't want anyone hazing me but I left my brain at the door and my expectations were really low, and fired it up. I got a kick out of it and LOL plenty of times. Stupid, but like I said.....enjoyed it. And no, I don't drink nor get buzzed, so don't even suggest it. I guess it doesn't take much to humor me, thankfully.
Doh,see above...
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