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Maybe CR has updated their testing methodologies, but according his presentations on the last Home Theater Cruise, Joe Kane was very crtical of Consumer's Reports inadequate and inaccurate TV reviews. SA: http://www.avsforum.com/t/744728/consumer-reports-rates-14-front-projectors/30
Has anyone in this group had a custom "Salk Sound" sign made for their room? Like: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Magnepan-Home-Theater-Speakers-Decoration-Led-Light-Sign-B-/190937466649?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c74c28719#ht_2890wt_908 OR http://www.aliexpress.com/item-img/nc0095-Pepsi-Neon-Sign-LED-Wall-Clock/947589077.html OR http://www.tinstudio.com/gallery/index.php
I have not come up with a configuration yet. I just want to be able to tilt the vertical blinds, which would involve pulling/pushing/rotating the chain that does not require much effort. The window I have in mind is only 70"w x 22"H. I will do plug in if feasible, but not necessary.
Check out Lego power function modules on www.ebay.com and www.lego.com... cheaper than somfy.
I am trying to figure out if I can build an IR controlled mechanism using Lego Power Function components to pull the existing chain that controls the tilt of my vertical blinds.
The review is technically weak, but the amp really delivers the train wreck scene in the Super 8 movie.
I'm going to take credit where credit is not due... but I have been bugging Dennis for months to change the "drawings" on the website to pictures. It definitely looks 1000% better now. Producing good photographic details of black boxes is difficult and time consuming. PS. We are anxiously expecting a review of the 7 channel high-power amp to appear within the next month or two from a website with whom we do NOT advertise.
There is no comparison between the construction and marketing of the Lexicaon/Oppo unit, and the D-Sonic amplifiers. Obviously you have never seen and hear a D-Sonic amp, nor read the reviews mentioned at the www.d-sonic.net website, or checked the relevant comments in the Revel speaker forum.[/B] I have seen the custom designed circuit boards designed to work with the carefully selected power modules that sound even better then the excellent ICEPower modules. I have...
I miss seeing the guys and a few spouses who used to meet a few times a year in the Houston area. Back when HDTV was beginning and the technology was new, improving and and stubbornly going down in price, we had meetings with up to 28 people in attendance. Now home theater is not new and almost a commodity. The last group of about 6 people got together to see the new projector I purchased 5 years ago.
The D-Sonic amps now uses power modules that sounds superior to the ICE power modules.
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