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I bought it as an Amazon deal. The manual has the BDT225, BDT230 and the BDT330. So clearly there is a BDT225. My problem is there doesn't seem to be a 24p on/off in the submenu. I do have it on my other panasonic, but that one doesn't do 2D to 3D. Do you or anyone know why there is no option in the video icon submenu for turning 24p on?I think the 225 is distinguished by ads on the splash screen, BUT I really need help in finding the 24p somewhere in the submenu or maybe...
I have the bdt 225. I don't seem to have the 1080p/24 option in the submenu. I have it turned on in settings, but Vudu is doing 1080p/60 and I can't find the 24 option in the submenu. Can you tell me is it supposed to be in the last menu option with the box icon? Thanks.
For what's worth, since your question was answered, my defaults were 100 and I have firmware 1.02. Now i have a question: Where do you find the manufacturing date?
Okay, still it depends on your setup. I use 91, 91, 91. I just project on a white wall from about 8 feet. ProjectorReviews and your milage may vary.
I think it depends on what mode you're using, 'standard,' 'cinema,' etc.
From Rico:
Thanks for the info. ESPN3D was top and bottom and I wasn't getting it through my Time Warner 3D box, which apparently doesn't output 1080p. I had to go into the 'display' menu, I think. When I changed it to 720p ESPN3D worked, but it's a pain in the butt to switch to 720P from 1080i (which doesn't work for ESPN3D in 1080i) every time I want to watch a program.. If Time-Warner is claiming it's a 3D set top box, then why doesn't it output 1080p is what I want to know. Time...
Does anyone know why the 3D controls are dimmed on the 1080? The only choice I have is side-by-side. It works with my Blu Ray player and on my set top box with HBO 3D movies, but not on ESPN3D which is top and bottom. The auto is also dimmed out. Anyone know why or how I can fix this? Help would be much appreciated.
I Need some help. 3D works on my Blu Ray player; at first I get a screen saying my Blu Ray player thinks it's not hooked up to a #D devise, but eventually I got it to work. The thing I really don't understand is 3D from my set top box. HBO 3D movies work, but on ESPN 3D or any time I go into 3D setup everything is dimmed out but-side to- side. The auto is dimmed as well. Anyone know a solution to get the dimmed choices to work?
Just got this unit today. I have a Benq 6000 where I have a place upstate. The picture on the 1080 is excellent even with ambient light, but not magnificent. As to the issue of the two HDMI ports, when I first tried my set top box in port one and my Blu Ray player in HDMI2, I got the set top box picture fine, but it kept searching for my Blu Ray player in HDMI 2. When I reversed it i.e. Blue Ray Player in HDMI 1 and set top box in HDMI 2, it worked fine. My 3D glasses are...
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