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Yep, unfortunately the studios control this window, and all VOD providers are stuck with this. Even DirecTV had to change their policies a couple of weeks ago to conform. I think even extending this to 30 hours would allow most people two nights to finish watching a movie.
Here's something, although still a bit slim... http://www.pocket-lint.co.uk/news/ne...a-player.phtml But of course then I read this on The Green Button : Thank you for your inquiry. The Kiss DP 1500 is no long available. We will be shipping the Kiss 1600 in Europe within the next 60 days. However, there is no plan at present to begin sales of that product in the US. However, we will offer a product with similar capabilities in the US later in the year. Please...
Well, in the end he came out and finished the job and did good work. The Cat5 was indeed for baluns, which aren't a bad idea, just not exactly cost effective on a 10ft run. I'll push an HDMI and VGA cable through on my own probably.
Darn, that was such a promising idea.
Well, he cancelled today so still waiting for an answer. Where can I get some of these HDMI crimp connectors? I read this here: http://www1.electronichouse.com/info...mi_basics.html
Unfortunately the drywall is all in now. But it may be possible to fish an HDMI cable through, I picked up one yesterday. I showed him where the seating would be. We'll see what happens tomorrow when he comes out and explains... I'm very curious to know what all the Cat5 is for.
Turns out he's coming back now, so he can answer directly. He had kind of disappeared on me, and I wasn't sure that I wasn't going to have to finish it myself or have someone new out. After some checking I do see that I can run HDMI over Cat5, but for something like $500. Doesn't make sense when a 15' HDMI cable would have done the trick. Now I've got to try and fish it through.
I had a home theater installer come out during renovations and run some wiring while the walls were opened up in a new addition. I wasn't really specific about the wire I wanted run, but the setup was that I would be placing my AV equipment in a closet with a bedroom on one side of the closet wall that would have a wall-mounted flat screen, and a family room on the other side of the closet that would have another wall-mounted flat screen and 5.1 speaker setup (with...
So none of those will work with a component input? Or do they benefit from HDMI?
I'm at the same point right now and would also appreciate suggestions in this range.
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