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Quote: Originally Posted by NEO Dan Hey Jaz, That looks like a cheap knock off of the JBL MPro MP415 15" waveguided baffle. The original waveguides without the baffle are cheap enough from JBL parts don't buy that junk. Got it, thanks. Jaz
I really need new glasses! Also does anyone have a clue of what this might be... Jaz
I don't think it is photoshopped, take a look at the picture above it in the original post, there is a horn sitting on top a cabinet, might be his prototype? Can't wait to see the test results of the 15" SEOS... Jaz
Wonder where he got that picture from, it is an old thread, so someone made these speakers more than 3 years ago?! It is interesting to note that there was no discussion on directivity, CD, etc. - it was not even one of the design objectives for his build. Jaz
Thanks for all the hard work you guys have put into this project, it sure seems like a winner. I guess the preliminary test results will be out soon... I suppose the group buy is limited to the US so far, but if there are other buyers/lurkers in China, please add your buy to the list so we can all join in the fun! Thanks, Jaz
We have similar setup with WD Live and UnRaid, so my experience with HTPC might be relevant here... I actually took out my Core 2 Duo/ATI based HTPC from my theater and replaced it with a HDI Dune Base 3.0 streamer, so far everything works much better than expected, way better overall experience than the HTPC using MediaPortal as the front end. the Dune will play probably 95% of all the material that you throw at it with ease, and can bitstream all HD audio format as far...
Check out Dune Base 3.0 or Popcorn Hour C200, or even a TViX model, they all work very well. If you want Web content, then may be wait for the Boxee box... Jaz
Zappiti seems to be the favorite front-end at the moment, it is easy to setup and scraps movie and tv info pretty quickly (although not all the fields are correct, e.g., the aspect ratio is all messed up, and the video resolution seems to be PAL only, you can edit them, but it is a chore). Give it a try. Jaz
For anyone that is still interested - I got a HDI Dune Base 3.0 a few weeks ago, so far it is performing great, and the setup could not be easier. Like many posts on this thread, it does well on probably 90%+ of the tasks just great, so I am quite happy with it. Jaz
Same here, Silverstone GD05 with mATX Gigabyte MB which is passively cooled with solid copper heatsink. But it does run a bit hot under heavy load. I sit only 4' away from the case and you can barely hear the case fans. Jaz
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