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I couldn,t believe the difference the new 1203 one made . Then I got fussy and decided to straighten up the projo(red and blue lines were higher and lower and right and left of green on outer ends of projo).I got into the flip down multi mini pot adj board and straightened the blue,now I'm just waiting for my courage to build up again for the red.That really improves the picture,but what a nerve wrecker to do . I can,t believe how out of wack they sold this proj to me...
Check if your woofers are 4-5-6 ect ohm if they are 4 ohm and you are putting 8 ohms(normal input) at 50 watts then its actually like putting 100 watts into them ,but they wouldnt take that much power to drive them then,if you want them to take less to drive then ie: 4 ohm woofer and 8 ohm stereo output at 100 watts then 200 watts actual then what you get is say 350 watt woofers and make sure they have a self resetable fuse at 200 or 250 watts.Hope this helps its the best...
To me that sounds blown (the pushing in the woofer and knocking part), myself not having very powerfull systems have had only one woofer sound like that , which I changed out for another woofer.Maybe call the seller or manufacturer or the website of the manufacturer and get the same woofer ,since putting a different woofer in the speaker in will make an unmatched pair.Or change the woofers in the pair with the same specs of original ones .As for the clipping meter,it rings...
Most places that sell speakers usually sell bass limiters that might save you and your woofers some bucks or maybe even a cutout self resetable fuse for your speakers.You can buy different ranges and types.All you have to do is pull out your woofer and put these in and no more problems.Just get one that still lets you have bass but doesnt blow woofers. aras
Oops drawing did not turn out . It sort of looks like l l l l-----l l-----l lllllll ----- being empty space for light,with tube facing up I guess I should have drawn a diagram eh ! aras
Flouresents give a softer and wider spread light easier on the eyes and as said ,you have to experiment with a 4 ft slap up indirect lighting valance and 1 four ft single row light and experiment with the height and depth of it.Start off say at 6 to 12 inch from ceiling and 6 to 12 inch depth and 3 to 6 inch height and try different combos and even see if different colour bulbs ie: black light,cool white,normal ect... Something like .... ...
That was great,it was almost like watching the movie . aras
Yup , need that coffee , I believe it's called "indirect lighting" . Another way depending on how much light you want , you can go with dimable single row floresents.The dimable types are a special unit ,because normal floresents won't dim. aras
We bougt our Zenith pro851x in 1998 with used tubes and we have put 20,000 hours on it ,and it was running for 4 years at a bar since 1994 . Survey say's , 30,000 to 40,000 hours . Although a G2 block from Curt is in it's near future it's still a great picture ! aras
H m m m , rubber lead . It will double as a radiation shield ,right. aras
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