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Just took the old 8300HDC in and all they could give me was an 8300HD, so no upgrade... but at least it is a little more responsive. This was at the Matthews location.
Hey guys, long time no see. I was recently visiting my mother and she still has the old SA 8300 HDC, and it runs like a snail. I want to get her upgraded to a newer DVR, but I don't know which model is the best. I don't want to visit TWC and switch it out only to get another old one. Any advice on which model to ask for?
I have recently moved back into the Charlotte area and will be getting TWC shortly. What is the latest and greatest DVR and Cable Modem that I should be looking for from Time-Warner?
Looks like we are not.
I just moved and made sure to do everything in my power to have TWC move my 8300HD with me. (And succeeded) I also came into possession of an 8300HDC and what garbage. Hence I was curious if there was a newer model for me to trade the HDC for.
Hey everybody. I have been out of the loop for a little while, can somebody tell me what the current HD DVR from TWC is? Last I knew it was the SA8300HDC, but that was a few years ago.
I lost that feature months ago on my box.
I DVRed it and had no problems at all. It is on Hulu if you want to see what you missed (and trust me you want to see what you missed).
I think the reasoning behind this is to show some of the more popular movies in the guide. I don't believe these new "channels" will have anything that isn't already on 802. I guess the logic is that someone might go through the guide and notice that movie XYZ is now available in HD and pay for it as opposed to hoping that they go to channel 802 and find it in the listing. Long story short, it is just advertisements hidden in the guide as channels.
Oddly enough, I just checked and I still have SciFi on 214 and News 14 is nowhere in sight (besides on channel 14 as usual). I live out in Union. Is anybody outside of Mecklenburg seeing the change?
New Posts  All Forums: