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Ditto. I seem to recall some people reporting issues with 2.40 and 2.41, so I never upgraded.
I may not be familiar with the patterns to which you are referring. The patterns that I thought you were asking about are described on pages 15 and 16 of the VP50pro manual:Brightness/ContrastThe ‘Brightness/Contrast’ test pattern will assist you in setting up both the brightness (black level)and contrast (white level) of the display. The ‘Brightness/Contrast’ test pattern is composed of 4quarter-screen blocks. Two of the blocks have a background level of standard black...
FYI, there are explanations for the various test patterns in the VP50pro manual, which can be downloaded from the DVDO website. Most of the features in the Duo are identical to the VP50pro.Regards,Steve
Any recommendations (you can PM your response, if you prefer)? I have been struggling with this for almost a year: buy the Oppo, even though I will pair it with a VP and not be using the analog outputs, or buy something like you describe. I was leaning toward the Oppo simply because of their reputation for support, but all I need is a decent quality transport with source direct mode and decent support.Regards,Steve
I don't think a comparison is possible. The processing performed by the Edge and Darblet are very different and generally complimentary.
FYI, you can download the IR discrete codes here (see Automation tab).
Even as old as it is, the Duo is still a fantastic bargain considering its CMS capabilities. I only wish it had a better comb filter for composite sources, but that's a pretty minor complaint.
I'm saying that the Duo does a better job of scaling 720p to 1080p than the GT50. When feeding 720p HD directly into the GT50, the picture looks softer than when the 720p is first upscaled to 1080p by the Duo.
Not sure about the ST50, but the GT50 and VT50 have a "1080p pure direct" mode that bypasses processing when fed a 4:4:4 signal. I use this mode in conjunction with a DVDO Duo and feel the PQ is significantly better than using GT's internal processing. It's especially noticeable for 720p HD channels.
Still using 2.32 with no issues. I was scared away from updating because a few members reported issues with 2.40. I don't recall what those issues were, or know if they were fixed by 2.41.
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