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Wordperfect solved that problem by calling their new version "X3."
When Big Ten teams are playing simultaneously, the channels show different games.
I have the new Sammy and HDXTRA and I do NOT get those channels.
The hard drive on my 8300HD died last night, so I went down to 23rd St to get a new box. The only kind of HD DVRs they're giving out is the Samsung.
Queens may be east of Manhattan, but it is in NYC.
The first vote was under special rules that required a two-thirds majority, which it didn't get. The second time it was under regular rules where it only needed a simple majority.
I have 3 DVRs. If you are just trading in a non-DVR, you don't need a service call. If it's an additional box, they usually require one--unless you can convince a CSR to add an unassigned line to your account ahead of time.
Last night I was in the London Terrace building (9th Ave @ 24th). There were fiber optic cables up on the hallway moldings. I assumed it was for FIOS.
How is the ventilation for your box? If all your boxes start out good, and then go bad, it could be because it's too hot at that location.
It makes no difference what type of signal you are getting. If you connect to a cable company's system without paying for it it's theft of service.
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