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Outside of the compression comment (Didn't understand this, .flv for example was a differently encapsulated .mp4 format, so nothing to gain there. Or were your referring to something like LZMA?) I agree with most of it. My take away is this is always a highly imperfect process and that's sort of typical. ;-)
Flash? As in the basically closed format that only Adobe curated? Odd that some show disdain about the proprietary standards and approach that Apple pushes on one hand but ignore the rather nice benefits of them pushing HTML 5, CSS3, and JQuery for a more open internet for everyone. It's not an either / or, there's examples of push/shove all over the place from just about every big tech company.
And Sony's never pushed a proprietary format or card or connector.Or Microsoft for that matter.Also, we all know Apple's plug for the original iPhone wasn't invented for the iPhone. It came out years before for iPod. So I'm not sure that it was all that shocking they used it. And use it they did, in almost all of their products, for a decade. (Which is a pretty good shelf life for a cable type format.)The way I look at it, you either view the curated 'garden' as a...
But did you upgrade the router? And if so, would the two situations even be comparable at that point?(For the record, I think anything 'N' wireless and above is plenty fast for 1,080p when working properly)
It's weird that I feel like I need to apologize to some people. I've just had a very good experience with them as a company. They once replaced a dead PSU in my Mac Pro Tower free of charge 3 years out of warranty just because I found one tiny sentence on their website saying they'd look at some items on a case by case basis. I had them overnight a computer at no extra charge so I could get a job done once. I've only had maybe two or three major issues in all those years...
My cost of ownership with Apple's products over the past couple decades has been very much my idea of reasonable. Good luck with your cause though.
My goodness! What a difference! Justice has been served. ^_^
I love learning little bits like this. Thanks!
Speaking personally, I have more loyalty to Netflix than Comcast. ;-)
It's not irrational at all. Comcast advertises a service to their customers (Data is data) and effectively backpedals in certain instances. This opens the floodgates for all sorts of deals. Also, what's keeping Comcast from actively throttling AGAINST a competitor that's not in Comcast's best interests? This is exactly why the FCC needs to get in there and do their job, starting with more clearly defined lines for all parties involved. (Which I believe they're in the...
New Posts  All Forums: