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Thanks! Yes, I've been very lucky to work with some wonderful craftsmen.
I thought folks might enjoy a couple of pictures from this weekend, where my project was to get the projector and the front main speakers connected and working. Everything is still very rough and uncalibrated, but it already looks and sounds great. I sat up until 2am just watching clips from movies, songs from concerts, etc. By the way, in the second photo below, you can see the Lutron blackout shade lowered over the window in the back of the theater. These work great...
As part of preparing to bring the Aerials out of storage for the sound check, we uncovered the stage. I figured it'd be a good time to take a quick pic.
The furniture has arrived!
Howdy! Things are moving along at a faster pace now. I'm scheduled to have one of the folks from KYDG come to do the initial test of the theater's sound system and acoustical treatments a week from Friday, so we've been pushing towards getting the remaining critical work done. Part of that is getting the carpet installed. I decided to use FLOR carpet tiles. They have a very nice taupe colored wool tile called "Dorset Brown", and we're installing it in a parquet...
Thanks! Me, too! Good news on that front: final paint starts this week, which means that carpet goes in next week, and then it's time to do the initial audio checkout and install the fabric.ROFLMAO!! Thanks, that made me really laugh. It's true -- it has taken forever, because I'm a bit of a nut for detail.
Here's a shot of a mockup of the stretched fabric, done by the fabric specialist. It's a very cool mockup -- behind the fabric there is black-painted wood at various distances from the fabric, to mimic the acoustics. This allowed us to ensure that the fabric hides such detail when it's lit as it will be in the finished room. In this photo, the mockup is perched on top of one of the wooden mounting rails to which the fabric clips will be attached. You can see that...
Okay, one more quick update. The former fireplace is now home to a Seaton SubMersive HP. We've covered the cables with a foam tape to prevent rattles.
A quick micro update. I didn't want the projector's pole mount to be visible, so I designed this cover, which my carpenters built. The gap between the wood and the soffit is filled with the same type of wood, recessed slightly to make a nice reveal. Once the fabric is up on the ceiling, there will be a similar reveal up there too.
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