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But not 100% Be.
IMHO, what piques my curiousity is just how upgradable this thing is going to be? Is the architecture such that it'll be able to support future HDMI incarnations, Atmos, and other things? While I haven't done a recent perusal of their forum, I would hope that someone has wondered out loud over there.
That's the thing with taxes. They start out small, get the public hooked on the 'benefit', and then jack them up. Or they're supposed to be just for a short while to fund something or other. Back in the history of the US, there was the Spanish-American war that was funded by a tax that eventually wound up on our phone bills. It was there, under quite a different name for over 100 years befor it was finally removed.
Think how much clearer it will be with Atmos or Dirac!
Leave the gun: keep the cannolis.
Like mattresses?
That's Vance Dickason, Keith. Vance Jackason is the stage name for an audio CEO, who had a brief run as an adult film actor starring in the movie, Naughty EMO Girls.
There's merit in what you said. Studies have been done that suggest when consumers are faced with too many choices! they tend not to buy.
I think no matter how you cut it, the Home Entertainment business is a tough market. Shaky economy, lots of folks out of work or no longer looking, real purchasing power has decreased, very strong competition from the mobile segment, along with changes in consumer consumption of media, make it tough to generate sales. Lots of folks look to something like Dolby Atmos as maybe kick starting things. The chip manufacturers look to incorporate more features which helps with...
Sure it does Farley but M Code may be privy to more insight due to the nature of his involvement with some companies. He's not struck me over the years as one who fabricates things.
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