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Cool, let's hope for more, including Octopus.
As a die-hard DCD fan, I have every disc they and Lisa ever released in as high rez a format as I can find, and unfortunately (so far) the best one can do with Spritchaser is the 2Ch SACD mix from seven years ago. So no, the SACD is strictly a high-rez remaster of the original stereo mix.Would love to see that canon re-mastered to MCH and released on BluRay, I'd re-purchase every single title they released.
^^ Thanks for the info. I've been lusting after object-based audio reproduction for over a decade, and finally it seems we will see some home gear roll out. I still love my AVP-A1HD, but will jump all over a new box with object audio, Dolby Vision, HDMI 2.x and updated DRC. I even pre-wired my ceiling 14 years ago during the HT build for ceiling channels and put a power outlet up there as I figured I'd use actives. Looking forward to the Hyperchange
Any more substantial info on the Denon/Marantz pre-pro w/Atmos? Would this be the successor to the great AVP-A1HDci ?
Just chiming in to also state that I'm still extremely pleased with my AVP, and until some new box with Atmos support and 16 or more outputs comes along, it will remain in the rack. After reading some of the problems reported with channel levels changing post-upgrade, I'm glad in a way that I never got around to getting mine done. I rather like the stability. I hope someone gets to the bottom of this and can address it for you.
One solution to wiring and placing speakers all over a room is to use another recent (well, last decade) tech, and that is soundfield projectors. So imagine the tech from a Yamaha Sound Projector used to create a single 'Height / top level' speaker unit. It would probably be round or domed and be covered in tiny drivers. These would generate the sound for the various height 'channels' by beaming to a reflector surface (a nicely designed thing that would look good on a...
Can never have too many. I even pre-wired for ceiling power, digital source (coax) and speaker cable when I designed/built the room 14 years ago. So been waiting for the tech to catch up. I will install as many as necessary to get good coverage from systems like Atmos. In my theater, that will likely be: - Existing 7.2 setup + 4 ceiling channels + 2 front heights + rear center
Daniel, congrats on the Oppo, it's a great player. I love mine + the external Darbee. The convenience of the two in one in the 103D is cool, glad you got it.
Finally got some focused time with this recording and did a comparison with the SACD edition I also have. First, the BluRay is nicely put together, and behaves like an audio disc starting to play the first track (in 2ch PCM) as soon as it loads. It has a single menu listing the tracks and listing the available audio editions, which are: 2 Ch PCM (24/96) 2 Ch DTS-MA HD (24/96) 5.1 PCM (24/96) 5.1 DTS-MA HD (24/96) I did my testing with the mutichannel tracks, as...
The copy I ordered from BurningShed just arrived. All the copyrights are from 2007, and Nick Davis is listed as the mixing engineer and Tony Cousins as the remastering engineer. I'll spin it this evening and compare to the SACD I also have. Keeping fingers crossed for a flat-transfer here.
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