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I don't know yet, only had it for one day, need to investigate these things.
Finally got my HW15. Upgrading from a Sony HS10, its pretty damned impressive. Huge improvement in blacks, detail, colours, and noise level.
Sony Australia web site has finally been updated with the HW15. http://www.sony.com.au/productcategory/tvp-hom-sxrd
Thanks. Another dealer has info from Sony that it gets released around the 26th of October.
Finally found the solution here: http://forums.entechtaiwan.com/index...25544#msg25544 (Using Windows 7 in my case)
Anyone heard anything about an Australian release date for this model? Sony Aust and local Sony Style both said they don't have any release info available, and to watch the web site.
I'm hoping someone can help me out here. I'm currently running an old HTPC with a Radeon 9200 with my Sony HS10 projector, 1366x768 native res, and a dodgy EDID that reports max of 1024x768, despite being able to accept 1368x768@56Hz for 1:1 pixel mapping. On the 9200, with old drivers, by using Powerstrip I can get 1368x768 to work fine, presumably the driver ignores the EDID limit. So now I'm updating PC to something more modern, firstly tried an Nvidia 8600GT....
My prediction? Those grapes will still be sour
Maybe its for one of these reasons? http://kotaku.com/359465/you-can-sti...r-other-things
http://www.ezydvd.com.au/main/beatthebomb.zml Australian retailer clearing HD-DVDs for up to 88% off, some down to A$5 each.
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