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Well stated. It was D-Nice who was suppose to have said that about using 95 contrast on the F8500.
I generally prefer to have Dynamic Contrast set on low as I do a fair amount of TV watching during daytime hours with lots of light entering the room. It lifts dark scenes that in a bright room would be lost. If you calibrate your display for dark/dim room viewing.....you're likely are going to want to leave it off as it'd be a nightmare to calibrate.Black tone is generally shunned but I can see a case for using it to create a special gamma curve where you want to...
On one of these F8500 threads, it was posted that one of the calibrators said that a contrast setting of 95 makes the 10 pt grayscale line up properly.
avsform1 Contrast on 95?
avsform1 Contrast on 95?
Is the audio adjustment for delay, per input or is it global?
Some day when you want to sell it, you want to have speakers on it. Makes it easier to sell.
It's probably the i1pro that's in error.But that's as close as you get for about a grand.I had my i1pro2 and i1d3 profiled by Chad B with his Jeti 1211 on my F8500. That's the way to do it.....plus you get to meet one of the best calibrators around.
Can't comment on the Gefen but once you find something that works, please post about it.I'm about to drag out an old Yamaha receiver to be able to get my headphone signal.
Grax Have you tried plugging it directly into your cable/satellite box?
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