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Good idea about the tableBasically though all lumagen radiance models share same output capabilities up to 1080P60the 2041 and 2042 add ability to output 4K or UltraHD at 24/25 and 30Hz2143 and 2144 further add 4K or UHD at 50 and 60Hz, 4:2:0 component video format
To claim HDMI2.0 capability a device only has to offer one of the many HDMI2.0 features. The 4K output units support 4K@24/50/60Hz 4:2:0 component video output. So in that regard i believe they can be called HDMI2.0 output compliant.This is the same situation you had with hdmi1.4, where the Radiance XD with it's hdmi1.1 hardware became an HDMI1.4 compliant device when Lumagen gave it the 3D processing capability by firmware update.If the question is do they support HDCP2.2...
you could look for a s/h mini or earlier Radiance
You can check whether the update actually worked by pressing OK on remote once you reboot the scaler. It will tell you the software level on the product on screen. Sometimes the update works but the scaler does not power down automaotically at end of process.AUTO output mode works by setting the output mode at the level the displays EDID info tells it to. So if your scaler always goes to 480P then that's because that's the information it's getting from the display. To have...
It is impossible to make use of the 3DLUT calibration capability of a Lumagen processor without using some form of auto calibration...so if he didn't i'd suggest you have the potential for an even better image than you currently have.
Jim and Scott beat me to it...that screen shot was the clue we needed to what was causing the motion issue you were seeing! Glad it's all under control now
yes 44ms does seem unrealistic...i am sure that Jim has stated on this forum that the worse case scenario, when the vxp chip is actually in line, is around 45ms.....so around 20ms would seem more likely i think
Have you set up a memory on the mini to use Game mode? That bypasses the VXP chip so you get the shortest delay time from the scaler. I have installed radiance in EA Games in uk, as well as at several clients who are heavy gamers and none of them have even used the game mode capabilities...they are just going from scaler direct to plasma or projectors though, no darbee inlines...(but darbee is fast processing as well i believe)
If you set an Oppo to source direct and play a REGION1 DVD it should output 480i, not 480P. If the Lumagen is set to OUTPUT MODE AUTO then you should get exactly the same motion as you would with the Oppo outputting 1080P...or 480P for that matter. If the Oppo is set to do 24P for DVD turn that OFF as it's likely causing the motion problems. Setting the Oppo to Source direct and 24P from DVD to OFF should result in the best DVD quality
There was nothing "wrong" with the actual test patterns. I discovered a bug that meant when you went in to manually tweak greyscale in a CMS you would be unable to select some of the windows...it just showed full field and large window and apl, not the others. The patterns shown by using the device as a test pattern generator with calman, chromapure and Lightspace were all fine and normally accessible Sometimes you get an issue like you had where you need to manuall pull...
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