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You get the same effect by blowing smoke under the speakers. Cheap also.
Sent you a PM
I expected better than this from you. Any fan boy could pick those British speakers over all others.
No reason at all to insult you. This all started on post # 6538 when I advised against buying the HTM61. An owner of the 61 took offense because it is B&W and he owns it. There are numerous negative reports on this speaker by owners, pro reviewrs and auditioners like me. Some would prefer to recommend a poor design than to admit that their sacred brand can't be perfect. I was then criticized for naming my brand of current speakers and commenting that I chose them...
It is relevant because it is degrading your beloved speakers. Tim is stepping down. Not upgrading. Dang, he should be flamed for insulting your speakers. BTW, you and Seattle are the ones who can't comprehend. I never said I loved the LSA's. You really are insecure if you feel threatened when someone tells the truth in your world. BTW, others did share my opinion. They were also B&W owners.
Tim, my comments were merely to emphasize that the LSA1 actually looks very similar to the 805. The rude remark about the syringe was not necessary on my part. It was immature retaliation. I have to admit that it upsets me when others take an elitist attitude over something as simple as a speaker. Should one with a $100,000 or greater speaker look down on B&W owners? Possessions may create a status symbol in some minds, just not mine. You have certainly been exposed...
If the pictures in these links do not back me you need glasses. Notice the large black enema syringe on the 805. I even included a link of showing the syringe so as to validate my comments. Is the enema syringe included to cleanse the BS of some owners?http://pic5.audiogon.com/i/c/f/1265137232.jpghttp://www.thelsagroup.com/lsa1.htmlhttp://www.enemasupply.com/enemasyringes.html
You probably took so many beatings as a Bose owner that you are jumping ship. Why would one looking at LSA's be on the B&W thread? Is it really a benefit to pass out bad advice simply because you think your overpriced equipment can't be bested? Get real.
I do not like to insult females so I will keep my comments to you on the short side. If the LSA's had one of those squeaky clown horns or maybe a microphone bolted to the top they would closely resemble the 804 and 805's. Those such as you remind me of sex with what you consider to be a georgous person. Really not as good as with the ugly ones but you are ashamed to let the world know that what you think is purty ain't sheet.
I liked the 683's and likely would have bought them if not for the lack of a good center. I brought the 685's home and liked them also. I also listened to the CM7 and CM9. I like them but think they are a little lacking in bass. Still a good speaker. My closest friend and relative uses 802's and that Huge center (can't remember model) in a 7.1 set up. His screen and projector cost more than all my system. It sounds fantastic with movies but sucks with music. He is...
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