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Ocean's 13 is Blue Ray disk, isn't it ? That might explain it. Correction -- it is on HD/DVD. Sorry. What does the error message say ?
No problems on XA1.
b ramos and Jose, I'm in Longmeadow and know of the BB mall store. Don't shop there anymore for reasons such as what was described by b ramos. Just go to Target and pay 19.95 I had 3 unopened disc I bought in the BB Enfield, CT store ( 24.94 ea) and when I saw Target carrying them, I brought them back to BB for credit and headed over to Target. Drone at BB asked "was their a problem with the discs" when I returned them. I said simply no, wrong titles. I''l be...
District Sales Manager for Manufacturer - petroleum handling, dispensing & monitoring
despite this thread being hijacked and rotating near final toilet flush...... I will respond as to the intent of the thread -- Equi-Tech Son of Q jr. BOK
I received my Ovation+ back from Greg @ Noble ( had the following mods done: 8 Fairchild soft recovery rectifier diodes on the motherboard, 15 Black Gate capacitors for power supply de-coupling in the DAC board power supply circuits, LPF (low pass filter) mod for reduction of conversion noise caused by DACS, one new WBT Nextgen 75ohm RCA jack for Digital input, and also Vishay Resistors in the analog musical paths. All told, just an incredible leap foward in...
Well, I too hope EAD comes back. In the meantime if one can get their hands on a used Ovation, or even better, an Ovation+, then I highly recommend Greg Palma's new Noble Electronics company for modifications. If EAD does come back I would hope they continue the pedigree which the original EAD company fostered. Somehow, I doubt they will, and instead will probably cheapen up on the parts/components and redesign things for "greater efficiency"- as they say, "to...
I've had this combo for over a year now (had the Sammy ISF calibrated 1-05) and after having undergone a Samsung Light Engine change in late spring of this year I have recently added a Equi=Tech Balanced Power unit ( Son of Q Jr.). After the new LE, the ISF calibration had been negatively altered. Not at all like it was before the LE swap-out - yet decent, but not spot on like originally. I am running the latest 2910 software and with the new addition of the...
ok, after further investigation it seems one of my kids 2 new kittens must have stepped on the power cord of the PS Audio UO which feeds the Ovation+ and pushed it loose ( or something to lose the connection ). Took the UO and O+ out of the lower rack - hooked them up separately - and all is fine. Powered up no problem. Still sending the O+ to though to Greg for the mods. I'm psyched for an upgrade. BOK
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