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LMAO, I'm sure it was. Not sure what happened there. I quit drinking many moons ago so I can't blame that. Have a great Easter.
I have that now. I do not believe it is anything new.
Arris boxes are currently available everywhere. However, the techs get what is given to them and it is a crap shoot as to which box you will get. You could get a refurb Pace green light, blue light or an Arris. Roll of the dice, pretty much. I'd say your chances are good on either getting a Pace blue light or a Arris as time goes on, but there is always that chance of getting the old refurb green lighter.
Of course they will make it available to single and double play customers at some point, but not now. Why, because demand is high for X1 and Comcast's churn rate is way down because of X1. When things level off, churn increases, the business incentive will be there for them to open this up to more subscribers. Right now there is also no incentive for them to fix the audio dropout issue on the green ring Pace boxes and the nagging remote lag issue. These however are not...
No major issues but a few nagging issues continue to plague the system. Remote control lag and audio dropouts are two of the most discussed over on the support forum. Also, the lack of an easy or TIVO like way of deleting channels one does not like or subscribe to is also heavily discussed. Many are also wondering how long it will take Comcast to add more useable apps like YouTube, HBOgo, TUNEin Radio and the like. (Netflix is a dream that will never happen) and the new...
I stood right there on the day my X1 was installed and watched as the filter was installed on my outside box. I asked the tech if he was installing the filter and he gave me a roger that. So my dropout issue is something else, like the Pace box.
Not quite. I set my box to stereo I do not get DD and the audio dropouts are still there but much more subdued. When I set to Surround, the dropouts are much more noticeable and I get this static like sound when a FF or RW finishes and goes back to play.
Great. So far so good with 1.38 for me. Now if they can just fix the audio dropout issue I will be a happy camper. I hate having my box set to "stereo".
Your profile says you are from Milton. I will assume that is Milton MA. The Boston area is the ONLY area right now that is enabling Cloud DVR. The CSR's are ill trained right now and have little idea what is going on. I am surprised you got it activated that easy.Cheers.
Yeah, you are due for an update. You should be seeing it soon. Don't be too anxious for it. Many are reporting laggy performance with the latest update. Mine has not been too bad but it has its moments.Cheers
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