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Set sounds great! I'm sorry if this has been addressed already: Is it a matte screen or does it have lots of glare? Please say there's no glare... Thanks -Tim
Top tier of today is better than that of a couple of years ago. Not sure about lower end and mid-level?
Voom had some really bad channels! But I wish Dish would not 'throw the baby out with the bathwater.' IMO Rush was the best Voom channel. Monsters HD wasn't my thing, but it obviously had occult following [pun], so it probably should've been kept as well.
I need a new sig. Great news! Save Bloomberg, every channel I've really wanted in HD is now in HD. Wait, wait... there is one yet to be added: an HD-porn channel, ...could even include some live variety shows...
The discussions on that train-wreck of a channel remind me of the contrived and patronizing sound we hear during a Q&A in an infomercial. I don't care weather news comes from the right, left, or middle; I do care, however, when the news talks to my like I'm a 16-year-old moron who can be manipulated with repetition and titillation. Dick Morris is the only Fox News guy I can think of who's worth watching. Aside from his anti-Clinton bias, his insights are usually quite...
My '08 E* Christmas wish list: HD porn channel CNN HD CNBC HD
Thank you for your very informative answer. That's too bad... I am still curious, however, whether, in your opinion, the Blu-ray technology is capable of this? e.g. Though it's not in the specs, is the bitrate fast enough? etc. I wonder if a future BR player could decode and output such video? And while we're on the topic, do you think HDMI 1.3 could handle it? I ask because if a prosumer or < $10k professional camcorder ever comes out that could record in...
I've read that ESPN archives in 1080p/60 (though of course they broadcast in 720p/60). So, I was wondering whether Blu-ray can actually output video at 1080p/60? And if so, are there many 1080p displays that could handle this? Just to be clear, that's 60 unique and complete frames each second. Thanks!
Two discs in one case: one DVD, one Blu-ray, same movie.
I'm curious to see what Sony says about the upcoming XBR6/7 now that CES is here. But that would likely be a long wait... Thanks again for your help -Tim
New Posts  All Forums: