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Or consider the Hauppauge 500 with dual tuners. It can usually be found for ~$140 and I've seen it as low as $120. It might be out of your budget with shipping to Canada. Both Hauppauges work well with all the pvr software (Sage, Beyond, MCE...). I originally bought the 150 and upgraded to the 500 because I ran into too many recording conflicts. widman
Quote: I don't know if that Asus board will run a mobile CPU. Yes the board will run a mobile cpu. You do get a bios error message because the chip is not recognized, but it operates normally after booting. widman
I've searched the thread but haven't found a definitive answer as to whether any of these motherboards pass bit-perfect output through spdif. Has anyone tested this with a DTS audio file? widman
I'm not sure I totally understand your question, but can you use the command line parameters for JRMC to rip the CDs? JRMC command line parameters JRMC Media Core command list widman
I use a 180 watt microatx power supply for the following system: AMD 1800+ Nforce2 microatx MB 768 mb ram 60 gig HD DVD drive ATI 9250 Xcard Chaintech AV-710 Hauppauge PVR-150 widman
I use J River Media Center as my jukebox and have been very happy with it. I store my music files on a Linux server and can access them using any of the computers around my house. J River offers great database management, sercure ripping, lossless compression and bit-perfect playback. The major "con" I had with my music server was setting up an easy control method. It is tough to jockey a keyboard while standing in front of the entertainment center. I ended up...
There is no easy way to reuse a laptop LCD as a monitor for a desktop computer. You would need to aquire the appropriate controller card and then be able to connect it (solder) to the LCD. You can find an in-depth discussion Here. widman
Quote: ess pee dee i ef And Sony can go eff themselves. widman
Wired ethernet is definitely the way to go if you can pull the wires during construction. If you are only playing MP3s, you could look at a Hauppauge MediaMVP in addition to the Roku or Audiotron. widman
Quote: I think I've come upon a decision: (b)... I can get the ATI TV Wonder Elite buying it as the Sapphire Theatrix 550- same exact tuner card but $76 instead of $140. Newegg currently has a refurbished card on sale for $56. widman
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