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I had problems using DVDShrink to rip "Ray", but DVDdycrypter worked fine. widman
I agree with mpenton and would try a Knoppix Live CD. I know zero about Linux and was able to rescue data off of an NTFS drive using a Knoppix CD. You download and burn the ISO image, then boot your computer from the CD. It takes a few minutes to start, but gives you read-only access to the hard drive with a decent GUI and network support. I couldn't find any information about access to Dynamic Disks, but it is worth a try. Knoppix widman
Don't bother flashing the card, the Via drivers will work fine. Install the card and drivers, then setup Foobar to use kernel streaming. You can check for bit perfect output using one of the DTS files from the site previously posted. If you check the first half of this thread, several people listed their exact setup for the drivers and Foobar. You can try those settings if you are having problems. widman
Check out Mastiff's site for a good example on multizone audio. widman
Quote: I've been toying with the idea of one of the motorized car units, so with a a button push it would pop out of the media wall (or a coffee/end table) for control instead of building it into a case (probably be cheaper and easier to!) Check out this Thread . I'd be interested to see if the idea can be made to work cleanly. I looked at the smaller monitors and ended up with a 12" touchscreen. The smaller screens just didn't have enough display...
This Site has small touchscreens for sale. None of them are cheap. Most of the mobile dvd players use composite LCDs, but you really want a VGA to be able to see the desktop screen clearly. You can also check ebay, although most of the decent screens get bid up pretty quickly. widman
I think the real question is: "Why are the pins missing"? Has Sigma removed the pins to avoid bypassing Macrovision and disable the abiltity to upscale DVDs? In any case, SHS has the right idea. You just need to figure out which pins are needed for your capture card and solder the appropriate pins. Check out the original thread, I think it has all the information you need. widman
You can hook your sound card to a power amp, but be careful that the amp is off when you power up the computer. Turn-on thump could damage your speakers. widman
I can't really add more than Umdivx. I think it is a good idea to look at the 64 bit motherboard and 1 gig of ram. If you are hooked on 2 HDTV tuners and MCE, then you don't have a lot of other options for PVR. This leaves the video card and the case. The 6600 is a nice choice, it it would be hard to cut more than $50 by going with a cheaper card. Bottom line is drop the case and get a cheapie $25 beige box. Save your nickels and buy the coolermaster in a few...
I use the Chaintech AV710 and like it very much. You may want to read this thread for more information on getting bit-perfect output from spdif. widman
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