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Being honest of course, the set up is pretty tricky. Not intuitive at all. It's really meant for pro calibrators. Thank god Mark Seaton has a base program on his web site.It really helped me get started.
It is the the 5749 that was designed for 2x2242's. I found mine locally for $450 in great shape. http://www.jblproservice.com/pdf/Theatre%20Series/5749.pdf I use it up front behind the screen in conjunction with a DTS-10 (from 13 to 50 hz). The side walls are flanked by a 2245 and an AETD-18H, both in their own ported 8 cu. ft. cabs. Incredible bass is what really makes the experience! And no need for fake feeling bass shakers (been there).
It uses XLR in and out. See here http://qsc.com/products/Digital_Signal_Processors/Dsp_Series/DSP-30/
I sure did and they helped a ton. I have/had several and then went to the SMS-1, which I loved for a couple subs. When I got to four, I needed more, hence the DSP30.I too have a 4050HD and with the balanced MiniDSP, still could not get sufficient output.
I have the big brother (5749) which is 2 x 2242's. I use a QSC 4050HD and run each woofer separately. The 2242's love a lot of power! I have the QSC DSP30 performing the high and low pass with a bump at 25 hz.
That's why I bought the Pro JBL's! There is so much knowledge and abundance of parts, they are easy to upgrade. I have swapped my CD's to the better 2451-SL's. I have also gone to active amps with the pre-sets for my speakers. Upgrade? Here you go!http://www.ebay.com/itm/JBL-3730-Three-Way-Bi-Amplified-Passive-ScreenArray-Cinema-Loudspeaker-System-/181327448456?pt=US_Pro_Audio_Speakers_Monitors&hash=item2a37f54988They are pretty tall though. These speakers were...
I wouldn't hesitate to put the 3677's in a room that size. I have the big brother to them (4622's) in a room about the same size. The JBL stuff often shows up used on eBay and elsewhere. I paid less than $1300 for my three.
Look at my old post and you can argue with all the people who said my Yammy had plenty of juice to drive the Mini-DSP. It was quite the struggle. Show me where the Yammy only puts out 1 volt on the sub pre. Plenty here will argue you are wrong! Been there, done that. I'm still enjoying my DSP-30!
I was using the balanced version (junk). I even started a thread about it a year or so ago. I have a Yamaha 2010 receiver acting as a pre-amp. For amps I have a QSC 4050HD and a Crown XLS 5000. These are driving a DTS-10, JBL 5749 (2242 x 2), AE TD-18 and a JBL 2245 (both in 12 cu ft., ported boxes). The DSP30 is sooooo much better with variable sensitivity. I stumbled across it reading Mark Seaton's forum. You can find a QSC DSP-3 and 4 on eBay right now, very...
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