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Check your Phase controls-- sound like the wave phase  could be cancelling each other out..
OK- 2012 CES>>>> 3D---- in our Homes? #103 Ok- 2013 CES>>>>4k ---- in our Homes? >> 7 Ok- 2014 CES >>>> ???????? -2
My guess is, does 4K show that much better than 1080p? {3D is a separate subject} People buy pretty pictures- then “ it looks good enough”. And wouldn’t even care about spending $ for a good calibration. Can I get a = PQ through good calibration versus just counting Pixels. You see it every where- look at any Costco store; 65”/85” for ~$1463. Size and $$$.  Brand & PQ doesn’t really matter much.  I’ll replace my NEC 50” plasma [2004] in 2013/14. It will come...
Just for those who are reading about this lipsync -issue. I believe[i could be wrong] when it does happen- it ususally happens when using HDMI for video and audio. For me- Video>HDMI to display- 5.1 MCA to AVR  & amp- I haven't seen nor hear any lipsync issues.   DAB Beta Tester #9
Q? Regarding Subwoofer – On- or – OFF while calibrating a 5.1 MCA setup. I recalibrated my 5.1 MCA system {HDMI>Video}.  So after two different sets of dB numbers I had to rethink.  I thought should you calibrate your system with Sub >Off in the DVD player and physically>Off on the Sub. Just so no cross over from the test disc and just better accuracy in getting the Sub dialed in. Calibrate the Sub. separately Trail #1:  I calibrate the 5. speakers  with the Sub...
I have use the XLR>RCA from both the 95 &105. I do use XLR. However, for the short 3' run. I can not hear any differences between that setup and RCA>RCA. The only benefit i can think of is if you had a snake-pit of cables and you were experiencing some form of interference...   db Beta tester #9
I am testing that out now- 105 & 95. Using D2ch. Beta testers will announce that when everything evens out. using XLR and RCA outputs DAB Beta Tester #9
Guys and the one girl-- let's not turn this into an Emmmo-tional thread. I also, was looking at the outlaw pre/pro as my next purchase. Outlaw did take more time than I wanted. Cost really wasn't/isn't the issue- room dimensions are[ wanting Audx]. You can't make silk purses out of a sow’s ear. Thou, you might be able to make a sou’s ear sound pretty good. db
I have had my 95 on -using D2ch XLR - on (rather loud) for 5+hr.s today, fan turned on one- for a short time and could hear it, only if I stuck my ear to the front. Most of those hours, the fan was still. *Note: my ambient room temp. is about 67 degrees- open racks. So YMMV. db Beta Tester #9 Edit: i played VOLODOS- plays Liszt. This SACD -by design-has "dead quiet" spaces inbetween tracks, long enough to think the player is OFF. The player does have some Audio...
I think where this will all come together is in the commercial market{lesser in the HT market}. OLED screens using 4k-8K- commercials. In stores-stadiums-billboards ....... . The absolute WOW !!!! factor. [think Victoria Secrets & football here] 50x100' screens
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