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To the chagrin of my kids, our DVD player in the car went out. It's a Flexvision DVD4000 model, but it has 3 RCA plugs (white, red, yellow) plus a battery connector and a ground, all together in a wiring harness coming out of the unit. It looks like this one: http://cgi.ebay.com/FlexVision-DVD-p...item3a660495de I have found the same model above on ebay, but the wire coming out of the unit is a composite jack, so I'd have to have it re-wired I guess. Can...
Moved to the appropriate forum! !
Hey guys, been a while since I've been on here, but you helped me get into a MDR-F1 and a Pioneer DIR 800C a couple of years ago. I'm using the MDR-F1's all the time plugged into the base and still love them, but I was wondering if there is a better replacement for the wireless headphones? Not ever digging the comfort of the ones that came with it, and they are getting a bit worn. Anything new out there that will work? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by RobertR No. Well, that kinda stinks. No reason I can't use both players I guess, albeit less convenient. Do the players differ much over component then?
Hi guys, I was hoping for a quick simple answer this question. My set: Sony XBR65" rear projection (no HDMI). I currently have a hacked zenith DVD player (can't remember model exactly, but the hack turned it into a LG). This upconverts my DVD's to 1080i. Since the cost of blu ray disc have come down, I've started buying more to watch on my other newer sets. I also have NO broadband internet, so I can't use any of the streaming services. If I get a blu ray and...
I have thought of this, but would have to get my wife out of the house for a while!
Thanks guys, the good thing is I don't have to weigh the pros and cons of different sets since this is the only one that fits!
I think you are right, however, I believe there are 42" size plasma's that actually measure less than 39.75" in width. I could be wrong.
I think I've made a big mistake in already buying a LCD for the bedroom. I just can't stand to watch sports on it. My main TV is a rear projection 65"XBR, and I've never had the motion problem on it with sports. This new one is a sony ex400 lcd, which is 60hz. REALLY annoying, just can't deal with it. Not sure if the 500ex would be any better at 120hz, but I think I'd rather just go plasma after reading some post on here. The 400ex is going back. Here's what I...
Great, thanks for the reply! Am I assuming correctly that you prefer the first listed as the best of the bunch, or are they all good and pick the best deal?
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