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has anyone every had a problem recording. i have had my replay for a little over two years now. and one day it decided tnot to record the shows i have scheduled. i even go the guide and it shows the red dot on there showing that its scheduled. but when it come times for it to record it doesnt happen. and the red dot just goes away. i hope this made sense. has anyone else had this problem. please help.
I just got the Pioneer box as well. Its only difference for me it the stretching aspect of the new box. i do love not have to change inputs on the tv to watch regular programming. This box was just right now a waste of time considering there are not that many HD channels yet, and its going to be some time before we get anymore. ESPN HD wants to charge for that. And Fox HD is going to be awhile as well. I wish they would hurry up and negotiate. I would like to have ESPN...
Thanks Gerry, by the way i love the DVArchive...i just need time to figure it out...it looks pretty simple...just dont have a lot of memory yet...then i will use it to its full potential...thanks again. what a great tool... i am a novice on all this...trying to learn quick
Is it possible to retrieve a movie or some sort of video that you have on your PC to DVArchive and then stream to your Replay....? Are you able to stream from you Replay to DVArchive..edit it to take the commercials out of if and then stream back into DVArhvie to later viewing...?... Are these questions answered for me in another place..?
i have read all the post and cant seem to find it...it could be just the beer i am drinking..is there a way to have a movie from an outside source..ie downloaded and put it into dvarchive..then be able to access it from your replay unit..i have some movies already on my hard drive that i would love to put into my dvarchive and the be able to watch it from my replay tv...is this possible...
thanks for you reply Rich..i will try all this and let you know how it comes out...thanks again
I ended up having to use an older version to get it to work version 1.6...downloaded two 30 minutes high quality shows in about and hour. but wow didnt know that one 30 minute show would be 1.3G...how can i convert that to make is smaller to put on a cd....
I downloaded WinReplay 2.0 last night and had no problems get it installed. i put my ip address in and set the delay to default..got my guide of programs....every show i had came up...i selected one of the shows that i was pull and clicked on extract....nothing in the status bar would come up..i know it was downloading something cause it wouldnt let me exit out...like you said is said download in process...i left it there overnight and this morning nothing had finished...
I have a dumb question. how and where can i get this DVArchive you speak of...i would love to try it out..not sure how it works either.
what if they are RCA...what would be the purpose of this.....?
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