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Based on what you've written, you haven't seen any burn-in on your display. Here is some information about image retention (IR) that might help you understand what you're dealing with.Two Types of IR - Part ITwo Types of IR - Part IIAvoid and Remove IR.
I've got no "science" to back it up, but I would use a random mix of signals like you find in movies, or the WoW pixel flipper. I want to mix up the effected area, not age it evenly. I especially like Pixar movies with an aspect ratio of 1.78:1 (16x9).
Obligated is a good word selection. I like that.
You've gotten some good advise. Here are three links that may help you going forward.Two Types of IR - Part ITwo Types of IR - Part IIAvoid and Remove IR.
There is nothing you can do to the scratch that won't make the problem worse. Beware.
Then there is no significant reason to use the slides. Any material without fixed images and black bars will be fine. It might as well be interesting too.
I always enjoy a personal visit.
There is only one reason to use any of D-NIce's procedure, and that's if you're going to use his settings and you follow the procedure exactly as he instructs. Otherwise enjoy your set right out of the box with source material that's free of high contrast fixed images and black bars. I'm not really sure anymore that avoiding the black bars is that important if you vary the material that you are watching.
Have you tried creating an .ISO file and playing it from a direct connected HDD?I have a Sony BDP-S1100 for times when I run into this kind of problem. I've needed to use the Sony one time so far. As soon as Netflix gets this movie in stock I'll be giving it a try. I should probably check to see if the Sony needs to have it's firmware updated because it's over a year old and has never had an update.
They would have to replace the panel, and, for what ever reason, Panasonic doesn't seem to have any panels left. If you can't enjoy your set in it's current condition, then a refund would make a lot of sense. If it only bothers you in principle, then the $300 refund seems fair.
New Posts  All Forums: