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Ok, day 4 (last night). Used HCFR to calibrate 2 of my tv's! Having lots of fun too! I just can't get the colormunki software to work. I figured out that it's saving my profile (I think) as a mobile profile for some reason. And yeah, the Nvidia controls weren't much better than the controls on the monitor itself. I'm going to email colormunki to figure this out.
Maybe I can just use the built in Nvidia controls. Does doing this put any extra stress on a vid card?
Hmm. I have a problem. I used the Colormunki software on one of my PC's last night and all was fine. Just a bit a go, I turned it on and my resolution is all jacked up. In the screen resolution page, it's showing 640x480 (1080p monitor) but it's greyed out and I can't change it. I reinstalled the nvidia driver and still nothing. Is this a common problem and is there a common fix here? I don't know what to do. EDIT: So I thought I'd be able to just switch to another...
Well, I got my Colormunki today and messed with it a little. I used the software that comes with it just to see what it does and it's pretty basic. I started up the HCFR fork and was instantly thrown into WTF-Land! I'll spend more time with it to get to know it, but initially it was quite overwhelming!
Mine is coming on Tuesday. We should keep in touch as we both learn to use it. Either through PM or on this thread I guess.
I have a ColorMunki coming next week. Is this your first foray into calibration? I ask because it will be my first time...oooo a new hobby!
Eghill, might I ask what hardware and software you're using? I have this TV and was thinking about getting into home calibration but was up in the air about what to purchase. (I have several other monitors/tv's too, but 5600 is the main tv.)
For sensors that can be re-calibrated, how much does it normally cost?
Hm. I'm willing to spend only $27 to get the basics and then upgrade later. Let me know how it turns out.
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