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Hi, I know that if I was looking to buy a new TV right now, and the new offerings were coming within a few months, I'd wait. Especially considering that the new wave of 4K TV's will have HDMI 2.0, HEVC.265, etc. About the only advantage to buying now is that the current crop of 84" 4K TV's from LG (and Toshiba for that matter) have really dropped in price as you know. The new 84" 4K TV's are going to be priced higher initially. There is no guarantee that the 84"...
Thanks for the replies guys. Glad to hear that your TV's have been issue free.Yes, it is something that the 84" Sony is still sticking at $25,000! One would think it would start dropping in price by now. I would have expected it to be priced in the $17,000 range by now. I guess the only time it's going to drop in price is once the replacement is introduced.
Hi everyone, It's been a while since I last visited here, and see that there hasn't been a ton of activity recently. I'm curious, other than the well known banding issue, how many owners have had other issues with their TV? And how many are still happy with their TV? Also, are there any owners here that have a new build 84"? Say Oct 2013 or newer? If so, are there any differences between the older built sets (e.g. menus, functionality, connectivity inputs etc.) to...
Thanks, guys. It's been rough, but I'm hanging in there. My father has good days and not so good ones. This weekend has been a real challenge for him.I hope before long, I will be more active here. I will drop in from time to time to say hi.Seth
Yes, I haven't been around here much lately. Here about 3 weeks ago my Father had a stroke. Since that time I've been helping my Mother to care for him. It's been rough, but I'm staying positive, keeping my spirits up, and hanging in there. My Father will start his Physical Therapy this Tuesday, so I'm hoping it will help him a bit with his mobility.I have been able to enjoy some movies on the LG, being that my Father is at home with me. He loves watching movies, and...
I haven't noticed any odd line in the screen when the screen saver shows up. You may want to contact LG about this and see what their service techs tell you.
I did not see this one at the theater, but on 3D Blu-ray I thought it was AMAZING!!!!! In my honest opinion, I think it looks even better (PQ wise) than the 2D version. The 3D effects really impressed me, and my guests. I think they did an awesome job with the 3D aspects of it!But as with any 3D movie, some people like it and others don't.Seth
Awesome! Thank you for those recommendations!
Very cool! I own The Three Musketeers on 3D Blu-ray, but have not watched it yet. Looking forward to seeing it, as well as Puss and Boots. Thanks for the info.
Very cool! Thanks for the recommendations! I'lI be sure to add them to the list.
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