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Seems I found my problem. I tried it again tonight and first time I got different - but still very wonky - results. Started reading the manual and took note that it warns against running Ezset with anything other than a 5.1 or 7.1 system. I have Infinity Interlude 60 powered tower speakers and normally use their own internal crossover, running them as large with no sub. So instead, I hooked them up in the more traditional way as stand-alone daisy-chained subs and...
Looking forward to an informed answer on this! I just bought a 2600 on the weekend and would really like to know if this feature does room EQ, or if it only automates the settings available in the user menu? On the first go, I'm not real impressed...it set the distance of my front-left at 10' and front-right at 1', and front-left level at +7 and front-right at -4 ! I'm embarrassed to say that it took me a whole day to realize the output wasn't balanced. I will update...
Some more "hard data" from a Broadcast Engineering article regarding lip sync:The PK550 is showing -86ms delay, well within the threshold of detectability, with regard to video/audio syncronization.
With regard to lag, I have a PS3 connected and notice no lag myself. I also have the analog audio going from my satellite box to an old stereo amp, and the video is HDMI to the TV. I've noticed no lip sync issues and there is only minimal "echo" when I have both the stereo and TV speakers on at the same time. In hard numbers, the lag represented in the picture shown in this thread equates to about 5 video frames. The lag is more than "nothing" and I really don't...
Got mine at Costco in Mississauga...Mavis & Brittania. It was the very first display at the entrance.
When you press the volume buttons on the PVR remote, does the TV button light up? If not, you need to change the "volume lock" feature so that it controls the TV volume and not the PVR volume (which only works on it's analog audio outputs).
Got mine recently. Love it! No issues at all and I'm not going to start looking for any! Haven't calibrated it yet but likely will this weekend. Transported mine flat, glass down, in my hatchback. It was 15 minutes of sheer panic Why does it seem that so many actually go looking for issues? Your car cost at least 20x more than this...did you examine every inch of it as closely? If the brakes squeal while driving it off the lot, do you turn around and ask for a...
This has probably already been covered but I did a couple of searches and didn't quite get what I'm looking for. I would like to stream this content from my Windows 7 PC to my PS3. I downloaded the HDMV version but the PS3 sees that only as a hundred seperate files. Is there a way to make this stream as if it's a disc?
I'm pretty much sold on this TV and have one question...does the box say that it has to be transported upright?
Thanks, Beerstalker! I remember now thinking of that solution once - but I had forgotten about it. citico, that's what I do now, but it involves way too many button presses.
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