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Anyone know if there's a way to add a device to an activity but NOT have it turn on automatically? Specifically, I have a "Listen to Cable" theme that switches on the receiver and the cable box, and then switches the channel to our favourite music channel. There are times when we want to know what song or artist we are listening to, so I want to add a TV power button to the activity. If I add the TV 'device' to the activity, it gets turned on automatically and I can't...
accordxtc, perhaps someone else can be more specific, but there is an adjustable turn-on delay time somewhere in the configuration for that device. The problem is that the TV is not ready to accept another IR command so soon after being turned on. Increasing this delay will make the remote wait xx seconds before sending that device another command.
The Extender has 4 IR ouput ports and it comes with 4 x 4-emitter cables, so you get a total of 16 emitters. Plus the blaster on the Extender itself can control gear too.
Just to make sure you're on the right page, the 1000 "talks" RF *only* to it's own Remote Extender, which in turn transmits *only* Infrared. Neither can be used to directly control other RF equipment. With that said, there are 3 ways to transmit an IR signal - blasted from the 1000 itself, blasted from the Extender, or transmitted by an IR emitted connected to one of 4 addressable ports on the Extender. IIRC, you can use any combination of the 3 transmit options. So,...
From their web site:
Well, the rules in my Province (same as a State) are quite clear. From Ontario Regulation 438/07:The types of approval are clearly stipulated and include lab or field testing by approved agencies (like CSA, UL, etc).
If you've got some proof of that, I'd love to see it. I designed an item that was part light dimmer with the intent to sell it commercially but so far haven't been able to come up with the $12K price tag for electrical certification. Everything I know is that this is indeed a requirement for any device that plugs into the power grid. I would absolutely love to find out otherwise.
Though your comments are still valid, the recommended viewing distance for SD was based on how far away you need to sit so as not to notice the interlaced line structure of a 480i display. For HD, the recommendation is based on the image filling a certain percentage of your field of vision Since SD material is rarely displayed at 480i today - almost always being upconverted to HD resolution, the old formulas go out the window and as far as I know, there is no "official"...
The IR jacks on the Extender are one-way output only so I can't imagine how it could work as an RS232 connection.
Oops! I meant early 2000. Aging the technology is one thing, but aging myself is entirely another I have corrected the post.
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