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Seeing that you ignored my first post, I hope I'm not wasting my time here. That DaLite item has the same functionality as the Draper part I referenced above. In either case, the unit itself is powered by 120V and all the other connections are low voltage signalling wires. You absolutely do not connect 120V from this unit to the screen motor.
I'm not familiar with the Somfy stuff, but you probably need something like Draper's VIC12 controller. It plugs into standard AC power and has 12V trigger input and screen up/down/neutral/ground output wires: http://www.draperinc.com/images/Scre...2_TechData.pdf You might be tempted to use an automotive relay, but it's current draw could exceed your projectors 12V output rating.
Are you saying that there is a new version of the firmware??
I'm working on a very custom job right now for a client that includes remote control of a Mac Mini as the media centre and Sling Box software for TV. With all that complexity my fee is going to be about a thousand dollars, but that's certainly an exception and includes the physical installation of the system. Normally, I'm asking $200 base fee plus $50 per "standard" device (typical name-brand AV equipment).
He just doesn't have a clue. The 890 uses Z-wave, but the 1000 does not. It's close enough that the RF Extenders can be programmed to communicate with either the 890 or the 1000, but it's not "proper" Z-wave and cannot be used to control other Z-wave devices at all.
Without actually looking it up, I doubt the Harmony 360 is RF. I believe their first RF remote was the 890. So, it's almost certainly IR. I agree with Will-san...if it's just one light you want to control, then head to Home Depot. If it's more than that, then the least expensive way to go would be X10. You would pick up whatever wall switches you wanted and then you'd need an IR543 which is the device that receives IR codes and converts them to X10 commands. All in...
Thanks for the encouragement! I have a decent amount of programming experience and I'm starting to make inroads now.
Ordered mine through the e*** auction place from a company claiming to be an authorized dealer. Great price and really great service, too.
I will be programming my first TSU9600 for a client of mine. So far, I've spent at least a couple hours just staring at the Pronto Edit Professional screen trying to figure out nothing more than where to start! It is a very intimidating application - a total "blank slate". Even loading one of the samples doesn't help you sort things out much. Slowly but surely though, I will figure it out (I have to!). If I get proficient with it, I might just offer a programming...
Yup. I just ordered it on Sunday and it shipped out yesterday. The TSU9600 plus the RFX9600 extender. Great pricing too from a authorized Pronto dealer on eBay.
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