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THANK YOU!! I have been using dr1394's patterns (and thank you for that!) but the lack of grey windows was bothersome. Your hard work here is most appreciated!
If words like "noise" "fuzziness" "blocking" describe what you see, then yes, that's most likely just MPEG2 macroblocking that you're seeing. That's not what you should be focussing on when evaluating de-interlacing/3:2 pulldown reversal capabilities, but it can be difficult to identify which is which. Step 1....turn down the Sharpness control. That will soften the edges around the macroblocks. Also turn off Velocity Scan Modulation if available and if it's a CRT-based...
Perfect...thanks, Ron!
Does anybody know how I could burn these patterns onto a regular DVD discs - in HD format - that would be readable by HD DVD players and Blu-ray players (specifically a PS3)? I apologize if this info is already in this thread...I've read through it before and don't recall seeing it.
There is a pretty significant amount of macroblocking when the "plate" moves. This is due to the MPEG2 compression and the bitrate limit of the DVD format. Perhaps this is what you're seeing? The severity of this can vary, but it will likely always be there to some degree.
Since you are using a standard DVD (not an HD DVD), what you are doing is nothing more than comparing the 1080i scaling capabilities of the TV versus the 1080i scaling capabilities of the HD DVD player. And surprise (although not to me)! There's hardly any difference at all. Get an actual HD DVD disc and run the same comparo.
The Sherman Anti-Trust Act was not overturned at all or in any way. As geko29 says, it merely leaves it up to the lower courts to determine of the Act has been contravened. Read the pertinent parts of the Act. It's pretty clear.
And I was a director of operations at a large computer retail outlet for 12 years before opening my own electronics store, so with 20 years of retail experience under my belt, I can tell you with no amount of uncertainty that it would be ILLEGAL for Sony to force a retailer to sell at a particular price. If you don't believe me, ask the FTC. With that said, the dealer cost price is not the end of the story. There are often volume rebates and per-unit promotional...
Read all these comments carefully....there is nothing in any of them that would exclude the possibility of Warner obviously preferring one format over another. Their 2008 release schedule could speak volumes. Everybody is expecting exclusivity, but there are other ways to go. Preferring HD DVD does not have to mean dropping support for Blu-ray.
Just remember that you don't have to declare exclusivity in order to prefer one format over another. A limited number of Blu-ray releases in 2008 would still qualify Warner as supporting the format. All the quotes and comments from Warner might be true....they just might not mean what you expected.
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