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This is truly disappointing that there is not a box with OTA, DVR, dual tuner (or more, likely six soon) and user friendly. I really don't understand why TIVO or a startup has not filled this gap. It is ripe for the picking. What else do I not understand here? Maybe include a Vudu account, the dying Netflix and ???
I am building a new HTPC and noticed that my MB has an IrDA pin connection. I currently use some Xantech equipment for IR distribution. Can the IrDA pin connections be connected directly to the Xantech "bus"? My MB is an MSI K8N Neo Platinum. Thanks in advance.
Clarence, I'm in St. Paul and will likely have some left. I'm picking it up Monday.
I just went through this, and both Zircon stud finders I used (cheaper models) did a poor job. I did have some luck with the one that had "deep" scan.
WOW, thanks for the info. I'll try the several options you've mentioned. Ralph
I'd be interested as well. Spent a little time at Menards, did not find anything and the sales guy was of little help. They do carry JM insulation, I needed some of that....so it wasn't a total loss.
Great Theater Dan. Where does the sub go?
Where are the best places to look at and purchase Berklines? How about on the internet? I'm nearing the point where I will need some seating!
You should be able to see the SD signal on the component output. I have my E86 hooked up with the S-video and the HD component outputs to seperate inputs on the TV since the SD signal looks better on the s-video output.
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