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Nobody mentioned Magnepan 1.7 's?!
jpmst3Don't sweat it. People will keep telling you how you need a zillion watts, but it all depends on what you listen to, and how loud. And there is no reason not to get them because you fear you don't have the power. I have been using an all Maggie setup for years as a home theater with mostly just receivers. Yamaha, Denon, and combination's with external power amps. Right now I have a Denon AVR-888 powering MG3.3R's, MG10's and a MGCC3 center. That's 100WPC 8 ohm. (not...
DonH50, go_sox, cctvtech, mpenton OK, I know I'm not going to make any friends fast starting off with "You guys are crazy!". But seriously, though, do they still use "screw down" terminations in electronics in this modern era? Super rarely, right? Why? because of unreliability and oxidation, right? Is your cars battery terminal terminated with a screw down connection? Not if you want it to last year after year. DonH50 Crimped is WAY better than a screw terminal, if done...
You guys are crazy! Bare copper with a stainless steel screw* screwed into it? Horrific! Crimped or soldered connections are much better, and a banana plug fits perfectly fine in my maggies. I believe the connectors are nickel plated, so silver is, if I remember right, the best connector material. *I assume it is stainless, could be nickel plated copper, still a screw as a termination method is not very good.
A new cable or a booster. Heavier gauge should help.
That's a good price compared to what I got mine for. About 8 months ago. I have had no problems and it looks great. Black is never "black" with any display, especially a projector with ambient light. Buy a good Projector and then enjoy it! My first was an X1 and it was piss poor compared to what is out now, but I loved that thing! Get a good screen. One that will last. That is the most expensive thing.
You certainly don't get great panning with a CC3 with large magenpan fronts, but it is much smoother than with non maggies, cause it still has that maggie sound! My mixture is very eclectic, since I have 3.3r's with the true ribbon tweeter, rather than a qr tweeter on the fronts, which I'm sure would blend better, then MG10's with QR's for rears, but it still all sounds lovely to me. I want to replace the 3.3R's with 1.7's. But will have to wait until the money finds its...
I wonder if Magnepan is going to "1.7" their 3.6's and 20.1's?
My guess is start shopping. Even if you can get the panel, getting it shipped intact would be a near miracle. Getting it done in the shop would be better, but might cost as much as a new display.
Yep, it sounds to me like it must be the iris. Experiment as zuluwalker says!
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