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Never watch commercials. 30 second skip is your friend (-:
why not lock this thread until the game?
amazon's had dd 5.1 for years via my tivo hd.
I have a ps3fat and the digital now outputs pcm plus plxx. The same as a bluray would, and the audio levels are what they should be. Before it was forced pcm 7.1 with extremely low audio.
I noticed recently that vudu got Dolby digital plus to work on the ps3. I wonder why Netflix can't as well?
Last night show was hard to watch.
I always get 5.1 from Amazon HD on demand via my hd tivo. hdmi out to my receiver, but optical would work as well. The optical output on the Sony tv is for audio out for ota channels only.
Do not forget that this year America may be able to vote online,http://www.popculturewhore.com/2010/...ne-voting.html
Season Premiere Wed. Jan. 19 http://www.americanidol.com//?gclid=...FYpN2godFVYYHg
New Posts  All Forums: