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Netflix is NOT streaming 5.1 audio from any device.
Not surprised, they can barely broadcast HD for an entire program. Worst of the bunch.
Am I right in saying it does not effect the VIP series at all?
Lackluster to say the least. No ESPNU-HD!
local multicaset hell WLTX-DT , Columbia, SC. Not that great if someone moves quickly or wears red.
It is weaker by far. I still get it locked in ,but I know of others who have had issues. Most likely you will need a better antenna.
Bob, you know better than to post something not TWC related.
or just complain about it
I do to, and for $5.99 a month they would had shipped you a exchange for NO charge. N
Do you pay monthly for Dish Protect? No, then signup ,and tell them it is dead and you want another one.
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