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They are now on the air at low power on channel 59-1. WEDU-DT PBS is not far behind.
Quote: Originally posted by jimwhite over the last week I was geting a strong ABC on 29.1, and no signal on 24.1 (CBS) (24.1 and 29.1 both came in the week before...) now, 29.1 was breaking up last night and disappeared today, while 24.1 came back.... weird.... also, I was getting both 29.1 and 24.1 with my RS Dbl BowTie pointed towards Riverview..... I thought 24.1 was in Hudson... what gives? :confused: I do not know what is going on with...
FYI WFLA Sunday Night Sports Extra's JP Peterson just plugged their HDTV coverage and invited the viewers to visit their Olympics HDTV web site at http://wfla.com/hdtv/ to fill out their HDTV questionaire. He also invited viewers that do not have HD sets to visit their lobby to check it out. Good to see them promoting HDTV.
As anyone that is receiving Tampa digital stations knows our local NBC station does not pass through HDTV content. Up until the recent announcement I haver been content to pick up Leno off satellite with my Unity Motion unit but having to adjust the elevation of my dish for multiple programs will get old fast. I have been in contact with the Chief Engineer there several times about this. He very much wants to pass HD through. However, he does not have the equipment to do...
I have also noticed the lower received signal and drop outs. I called the station this morning and talked with one of the engineers intending to express my anger at the situation and found out that their tranmitter has a bad RF output amplifier tube. They are waiting for a replacement from the manufacturer, which should be installed next Monday. In the meantime they have dropped their power output on the transmitter in an attempt to keep it from failing completely before...
Just curious to know if anyone experienced the Sears/Samsung NTSC <> HDTV side by side setup they advertised when the CBS announcement was made. If so what was the reaction?
Quote: Originally posted by tpattnaik: Hello, This is my first post. I came here looking for help on a Panny Showstopper, but I got sidetracked here. I'm in the Tampa bay area also. How are you guys getting HDTV ? Myself & a couple of other guys from work have been calling TWC regularly, but we always get the same response - "soon". Are you using a DTV100 and a UHF antenna ? I went to this site : http://www.nab.org/newsroom/issues/d...tvstations.asp and...
Quote: Originally posted by Mpls Mike: Fellow Fanatics-- I just sent off a thank you e-mail to the two networks that seem to be pioneering alongside us. Has anyone else sent them a simple thank you? Can you post links to make it easy for everyone?
Quote: Originally posted by Paul B. Musser: It doesn't look as if it will be broadcast in DD 5.1. Anyone hear different? Download the HBO PDF monthly schedule at http://www.hbo.com/guidepdf/sept_01/0901_guide_ee.pdf and you will be happy to see that it is listed as being broadcast in DD 5.1
CBS just keeps out performing the competition. Check out this thread that covers the CBS announcement for the Young & the Restless in HD. The last sentence states CBS will do HD College football this fall. CBS rocks!!! http://www.tvinsite.com/broadcastingcable/index.asp?layout=story& articleid=&doc_id=28127&display=breakingNews Vince [This message has been edited by VCROCCA (edited 05-30-2001).]
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