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Generally, they design console games with some input lag because 90% of people play on Digital Display witch all have LAG.. Also on PC, please disable VSYNC if you use it. It create LAG a lot on certain games it's unplayable ...
I am the only one completely turned off by 3D? Not because it's not interesting but because of STUPID hardware media exclusive.. that will continue in 2011 and killoff that market pretty quick imho. What the good of having it if you can't buy you're favorite 3D movie for it (and it's available but exclusive to X brand), unless you shell like 300$ on Ebay for a copy..
Well there's a fact also being the source. You must feed it with Blu-ray/HD DVD or if you're gaming, a gaming PC (console are post 720p, with most of the game using a lower resolution,and the Wii is 480p). Otherwise you're just getting post 720p (even with 1080p on TV(digital cable or satellite), there's so much compression than the actual perception of resolution is near 720p.) I've been from a Z2000 to a AE3000 (both are 1080p) and it was day and night for PQ, maybe not...
Humm.. did multiple installation with 35+ cables here and there and never had a problem, witch switch and receivers. etc. Bought all my stuff at monoprice tought..
Nice package.. anyway i don't really care about packaging as it's going into a storage box anyway. I only care when it's a steelbook ;0 I mean it can't be worst than all the other versions in DVD that were release.. i hope not..
What's up with this North American mentality of EVERYHTING MOST BE EXPLAINED in a movie. Generally, that's why i like European and Asian movies (fantasy style like this one). Explaining stuff in movies takes time, time wasted to other things. This one is a little bit different tought. Off course it's stereotypical.. look at the most stereotypical movie ever made, Avatar... made TONS of money beyond anything.. Followed a typical line that can be draw like 5 minutes into...
Utter crap, unless you have a PC with Dolphin off course
HDMI level refer to VIDEO LEVEL (NORMAL) and ENHANCED LEVEL (PC) but really it's just a matter a Brithness and Contrast. For example on my AE3000 NORMAL i have the brithness a -3, Contrast 0 (for bluray watching) at Enhanced i have the brithness to -16, Contrast -2 (for Bluray watching) Those setting are virtually the same... It's possible that the display or dvd don't show Blacker than Black, witch is NOT used in video anyway. I suggest downloading the excellent...
Thanks a lot for the response. I really want backer blacks so it's a great news. I don't have space for 2.35 screen so the memory zoom is not a lost for me. I had 1 time dust in my AE3000, cleaned it, never came back but that's also a big + for the sealed path..
Anyone coming from AE3000 to HD250? I think i'll upgrade to either this model or the new Epson 21000 Rlcd (LCOS, DILA, same base tech).
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