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I'm trying to connect my HTPC and my new Chromecast to an older TV using an HDMI switch (by older, I mean only has a DVI port input, which is a different issue). The switch I bought says it's HDMI 1.3b, and it auto-switches to the active port when I unplug/replug either device, but I can't seem to get it to switch programmatically using HDMI-Yo or starting a video in Chromecast (which I know supports CEC). Is this a futile effort considering I'm trying to connect it to...
It shouldn't be dependent on screen resolution specifically, but I can't rule that out as I haven't tested it on a large number of different HTPC's. I think after feedback from several people, it is going to need a more reliable method to get to full screen mode. If you want to set up a time to troubleshoot this so you can use it in the interim, let me know.
Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into the issues with it launching the wrong episode. As far as things going into full screen, it should be doing that. Some of it may be timing issues with the video loading before the command to send it to full screen. I'll dig a little more and see what can be done to make that work better.
Good point...made an edit to the thread title.
Hey AVS-ers, We're looking for some beta testers for a new TV service based around Windows Media Center. The concept of the service is that you build your own TV channels based on content from Netflix, Hulu Plus, or Amazon Prime, and our WMC add-in puts it into a guide for simpler TV watching. If you're interested, take a look at the requirements below and try it out at http://www.myownchannels.com. Requirements: 1. Active subscription to either Netflix (streaming),...
I am indeed confusing WES and WEC. Thanks for the info.
I guess...hadn't really gotten that far yet. I thought maybe pulling the hard drive and using another computer to get the install files for Windows on the drive and make it bootable, then putting it back in the Tivo to see if it would be able to do an install. I haven't really done anything with Windows Embedded before, so I'm not sure if I'd need to provide specific drivers for every hardware device or if it has Microsoft drivers for common hardware components built in.
If your controller is flagging random drives as failed, I think you probably have a bad RAID controller (or backplane if they attach to a backplane board rather than being cabled directly to the controller). I think you should try either replacing that part or maybe seeing if there's a firmware upgrade available before doing any RAID array reconfiguration. Your array may be fine if the controller is the issue, but you can definitely mess up the array and lose your data...
My dad has offered me his old Tivo Series 2, and I was considering trying to make it into an HTPC-lite. Anyone have any experience trying to do this? It looks like they have a MIPS processor, which is supported in Windows Embedded, and supposedly Windows Embedded supports Windows Media Center, but I don't know how much work this would be to try to make it work. It does have a Cablecard-supported tuner, but I don't know if that would work with Microsoft's DCA or not. ...
Definitely disappointed at the $179 price. I was holding out on buying an XBox until I found out more about the Echo, but at $179 and not available until November or so, it's making me want to find a used XBox on eBay. But maybe innocentfreak is right and they'll be discounted at some retailers. I bet that won't happen until it's been on the market for a while, though.
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