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Updated 12/1/13 with prices lowered.
[UPDATED 03/08/14: List Revised. Orders over $20 ship free to CONUS.] Time to clear out my personal collection a bit! Regarding the Blu-Rays: they have been lovingly cared for by vestal virgins, drunk the sweetest nectar, and sung to weekly by Gregorian monks... Well... no, not really. However, they HAVE been in a child-free, smokefree household, and spent their sheltered lives in a 300-disc Blu-Ray changer. In short: the discs are pristine. There might be the...
All prices include domestic shipping. No international shipping. PayPal, USPS money order (immediate shipment), or personal check (held to clear). Freedom Writers (still sealed) $8 Heroes Season 1 Box $9 Hustle & Flow (still sealed) $10 King Kong '76 (French release) $40 Miami Vice (Australian release) $20 Rebellion (Japanese release still sealed) $40 Serenity (U.K. release with different cover art from U.S. release) $20 Sneakers $12 Stallone First Blood (U.K. release...
Dumb question: Will this changer handle old school 2-sided "flipper" DVDs or will it only play one side?
That's less than I paid ($225 net from Amazon).
Just got done watching it. Cheesy, campy, definitely Grade B (or C even), but overall a bunch of fun as long as you're not expecting anything serious. Some good pop culture references. Pretty good eye candy on Blu-Ray too. I don't know about the German release, but the UK Blu-Ray plays fine on my PS3.
I believe the M400 does not have the electronic viewfinder and does not do HD -> SD conversion. I think.
Well, not really camcorder newb per se, but definitely a newb to HD camcorders. We've been using a Panasonic PV-GS500 to record instructor auditions and then burn them to DVD to give back to the intructors, as well as archive for our own use. I'm sick of messing with tapes and want to switch to something flash-based. We don't specifically *need* HD at the moment, but just about everything seems to HD anymore. For the forseeable future, the end product we need to produce...
Internet-streamed HD isn't anywhere near ready for primetime. Even satellite HD is bit-starved. Granted, most sheeple aren't quality-conscious and are watching on 42" sets, but anyone with a dedicated projector HT setup and/or considerably larger TV sets shouldn't settle for the current state of streaming HD. The danger is if the industry decides to use a lowest-common denominator approach that determines that bit-starved pseudo-HD is acceptable, and no longer warrants...
Yep! Most of the boxes at the Aurora outlet were munged in some manner. I picked the box that looked "least-munged".
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