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Here is a recent one on a Samsung LED LCD. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1470900/official-samsung-unxxf7100-owners-thread/4950#post_24617852
I have not found anything useful except engaging the Cal day and Cal night modes.
Here's a recent calibration report on an F8500. It does fulfill your criteria. The 100% saturation points can be oversaturated a bit if desired, but the lower saturation levels tend to be undersaturated. Gamut luminance is not an issue. I would think a LUT cal would do very well on it. EDIT: Looking at some of my other F8500 cal reports, it appears blue is not always able to reach the rec 709 target, but it's not very serious. Here is an example, and it's my older...
What are you talking about? I haven't posted settings.
1080 P pure direct is a good thing on the VT and ZT. It sharpens color transitions without causing edge enhancement. On the ST 60 it does cause edge enhancement and is best left off.
Thanks for the kind words! Here is the post:http://www.avsforum.com/t/1469541/f8500-or-zt60/3030#post_24574589
I haven't noticed any edge enhancement or ringing with sharpness settings of 0-16 in full screen mode and overscan off.
See my second to last post above. What you're looking for is in the calibration reports.
The PWM noise did seem to be more distracting on some Kuros than others. I did keep power save off unless the customer wanted it on for some reason.
I disagree that color accuracy/tracking is better on the Kuro. It is actually a statistical dead heat.Here are 2 reports showing the amazing color accuracy (and similarity) of both:  The Shootout results and comments keep coming up, but one has to keep in mind that those sets were new models at the time; calibrators, even the best, can benefit from more extensive hands on experimentation and exploratory time before the absolute best results can be obtained from a new...
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