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I can personally vouch for Gregg. He calibrated my 844 and I have been very pleased with the results.
I used to have that problem as well. Believe or not, I had luck with the "unplug the set for 5 minutes" solution. It really did seem to work. Have you tried that? Are you up to date with firmware? It automatically asks to update so you would have had to say no to updates.
I have never had that problem either. I have a Comcast Moto DVR.
Never had that problem.
I have mine 36 inches off the floor tilted slightly down. I sit about 10 feet away. Looks fine to me. I needed room to fit components and center channel.
Any hub will do.
Welcome. I think you are in for a treat. Do please post pics.
ABSOLUTELY. Calibration made a big improvement. I waited 100 hours. Not sure if that was long enough but you should ask your calibrator. BR looks awesome. Don't know about Uverse. Comcast HD PQ varies quite a bit per channel. In the meantime, have you tried some of the settings posted on this forum? That might help a bit.
Nice set up!
Watching cable TV via HDMI
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