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I charge them on various usb ports in my house (mainly off my computer monitor). I don't think the USB port on the TV is very convenient to use.
Thanks. Not a very exciting update....
The same here. I haven't noticed any difference so far. Is there a way to find out what the updates were supposed to do?
I am not a big 3D fan so I cannot compare to other sets but I think the 3D looks very good. Very little ghosting, it is clearly bright enough. Colors are also very good. Hugo was fanastic looking.
I paid good money to have my set calibrated. I respect the professional calibrators. They have invested a LOT of money in equipment and training. Why should I give away their livelihood? Why should I share my professional calibration settings with someone who hurls insults? Why don't you pay to have your set calibrated then you can share your settings all you want.
I have very few gripes about the set. I think the PQ is excellent (especially after calibration). The viewing angle is a bit narrow especially for blacks. They can get a bit washed out as you view from an angle. I have noticed some jerkiness of vertical lines when panning. This may be able to be fixed by settings but I haven't really looked into that as it has not been that much of a problem. One thing for sure is that Blu-ray looks awesome compared to cable with all it's...
I had the same issue. I simply adjusted the delay through my processor. I assume your Denon can do that as well.
The -40db works perfectly. Thank you for the tip. I mute often so I found the click a nuisance. The on/off relay click is not a problem. I actually did read the manual but I didn't catch that at all.
I am very pleased with MX121. I do find the relay click annoying for mute and especially for power off.
The new 75 inch LG with local dimming is $10K. That is the same price as the 90 inch Sharp (without local dimming). I am glad to have the 844 as well. I think the PQ is great and the price point is quite reasonable all things considered.
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