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Sweet! To bad I'm loosing my job in a week! Looks like a worthy successor to my B&K ref70! I'm guessing it has the same stupid front panel as the other Marantz. Analog inputs look a little confusing in layout to me. Would be nice for another digital and hdmi input and a digital output. I also like a couple s video inputs but could live without that feature.
I've owned the Parasound HCA 1500, 2205 and still have a HCA 3500 that I've only used as a sub amp. Traded in an Adcom GFA 7000 in on the Parasound 2205. Anybody that says the Adcom & Parasound sounded the same would have to be deaf! Everybody heard a big difference between those 2 amps! Only difference were the amps in the system. Traded the HCA 2205 in for a Mcintosh MC 206. Still have the 206. My latest amp is the B&K 200.7. After trading in the 2205 in for the Mcintosh...
Good to see you found something. I'm starting to look at receivers myself to use with my B&K amp. Just doesn't look like there's going to be any prepro's coming out to my liking. After Integra screwed me on the DTR 10.5, Integra/Onkyo can F off. Besides there reliability & CS suck. Kind of like the Yamaha stuff and usually can't go wrong with Denon. Probably wait until the new models come out before I decide.
Thank You, guess I'm getting to old for change!
Always love and used the retro look. Why can't I find the preference for the black skin? When I click on preference there's no option for the skin.
I have noticed lately that if I have a light on directly in front of my GT50 that the reflection goes from the top of the screen to the bottom but the images are green and red above and below the white lights reflection image. Kind of hard to explain. I'm guessing this has something to do with the black filter or the anti reflection film? Not really an issue for me since I usually don't have this light on.
I don't think I remember my 929 having any smell, if it did it wasn't as strong anyway.
Funny, I hadn't even read your response about that new car smell when I repsonded to Randys response.
I agree, I'm not worried at all about the smell at all. It's basically gone now or I just got use to it. Now if the heat this baby generates would go away to I'd be even happier. Almost seems the heat has gone down a little, or maybe because I started to use the THX mode instead of custom with the higher contrast setting lately. I know quite well about that new electronics smell. I own enough old/new electronics to start my own pawn shop! Any electronics that use moderate...
My GT50 has that new burn in electronics smell. I'm sure thats all it is. Plasma seems to have it's own aroma. It's seems to be slowly going away now.
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