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Glad to see the DV700 has now been repriced to $3995. Quick question regarding the Go Disc Free option. When you choose to get the Digital version from the store, remove your disc copy from the server, and download the Digital copy they aren't the same are they? I mean the picture and audio are 1:1 copies but you loose the Blu-Ray menu, the chapter menu, and extras? Is that correct?
Have updated to the latest firmware on my AU-103D and when watching Netflix with the Video forced to NTSC the picture breaks up and there are lines in the image, and the image shifts to the left. This problems remains when I back out and go back to the main Oppo menu. Changing Video back to Multi-System which forces Netflix back in a 1080p50Hz mode bypasses the issue , but introduces judder and dropped frames etc. It does fix the Oppo Menu issues to Using a Marantz...
Any higher end models likely to appear?
Here is some interesting information. No 4K DLP for the Home Market until 2015-From here-http://www.homecinemachoice.com/news/article/sim2-super-lumis-review/17392Guess that will be when Sim2 will release the 4k Lumis
Well you have Mike being told one thing, and Tom Wilmers from DP saying it ain't so according to their " manufacturer literature papers" for this specific projector as having a DC3. That seems quite definative IMO.Agreed.Guess time will tell either way when we start seeing the reviews. Still keeping me eye on this projector for now.
Meant to say doesnt have a full CMS (have edited the post)-
Dam. So it is Darkchip 3 only And no full CMS either.
But it means you must have acces to the KScape digital store, you must repurchase the Blu-Ray title again for $1.99, and then you have to have a large download limit as you have to download the copy from KScape to go disc free, and then you have to delete the disc Blu-Ray copy as opposed to the downloaded version from your server.. So a few caveats currently. I don't mind paying the fee to go "disc free" from the carousel, but would rather use my own disc, and not my...
And there goes that.
How does your m150 compare to your Nero 3d-2 and your Lumis?
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