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What cable management are you guy's using for your ceiling. Also I'm using a Pioneer blu ray player for 2D and PS3 for 3D what settings should I be using.
Anyone using this mount with there Benq W1070. Sanus - VisionMount Universal Projector Ceiling Mount.
Hi guy's thinking about getting this projector but need some help. I'm looking at a distance of 16' from my 106" screen would this work thanks.
Anyone using the Epson Light Power glass filter and happy with it.
Hi beanmeister , Can you check and see if DD+ is working on Amazon prime thanks.
So did you call Epson about your problem?. So far my replacement has been working fine and see no problems with PQ. I hope this one lasts a long time because I'm getting tired of exchanges.
The contrast levels look better and sharpness to me is about the same.
Got done watching Avatar in 3D and it was great. There was some minor ghosting I could see but not to bad. But when I turn 3D display on and go back to 2D I get double images. Did I miss something in the set up menu.
Got a couple of question before the big night tonight watching 3D. The set up menu for 3D has 3D display on/off, 3D format Auto, 3D Depth, 3D Brightness, Inverse 3d Glasses and 3D viewing Notice on. Do I leave everything at default like kriktsemaj99 say's or do a little tweaking. Just want to make sure I got everything set properly thanks.
Thanks for the reply. Will try out 3D this weekend and see how much I like it.
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