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There are no Roku codes in the RF20 remote.
Could be the receiver, or IR interference, like from the tv. That is very old model, ask for replacement, one with rf remote.
it's Try the B & K SR10.1 software: http://bkcomp.com/support/software/
Under cable> Comcast> xfinity. I have code 195, I don't see 151 under Comcast anywhere.
With dish receiver set to the default IR code #1, try code 010 in the sony remote.
Without a tv code programmed in, the only thing the volume keys and mute are good for is initiating a message at the bottom of the Directv receiver screen, telling you to program a tv code in, yours or any, but there HAS to be a tv code programmed in. When making up their SAT codes for Directv, both UEI & URC included these IR commands mapped to unprogrammed volume and mute keys in their satellite code for directv.
When testing codes, don't use the volume keys to determine if it works or not, reason is the volume keys NEVER work initially with ANY audio code. Because the volume keys won't work at all without a tv code programmed to the tv device, once there is a tv code its volume is now in the way, but that can be remedied. With tv code programmed in, try each denon code, test ALL keys with stereo on. If you come up partially working code, to get the volume: 1. av1 or av2 2. press...
The NXG software on remote central will work on the mx-700: http://files.remotecentral.com/collection/6955-1/index.html
There is mx-450 archiver software available, it allows you to back up your programming to your computer, and upgrade the IR library. But you can't use the computer to program the remote, that is all done on the remote itself.
try removing the antenna? Keep the IR cables away from HDMI cables!
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