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They do, its called the mx-890.
It doesn't come with software, so you need a custom installer to provide the software, either via remote purchase and programming, or remote purchase and simply supply the software via their discretion.
I equate the mx-450 to mx-350 or 650, and not pro model. I would never expect it to have as update code data base as the ccp software. You can't even enter a code directly into it, you have to through the list until get to particular code. Never liked the model myself.
This was initially preprogrammed remote, no why upgrade, later the mx-450 archiver software was released. So unless the OP upgraded via the software the code data base will become out of date. I'm not sure if the mx-450 archiver software is still available?
The code Dalto suggested might have come from CCP for pc programmable remotes, and so isn't available to mx-450. You can try Integra brand, see if it has the codes you need, Integra is Onkyo pro brand of equipment. If all fails, TEACH!!
Look at the prefix in the model #'s.
You can't, there are no preset av receiver codes in the rc71 remote, it strictly relies on the HR44 Genie in RF mode to put the proper stereo code in to the rc71 remote. Once there is a code, only the volume and mute work. For ALL stereo codes.
You can't get anything done on the remote without first getting two confirmation blinks after pressing and holding MUTE & SELECT. If you can't get passed that, you need a new remote. If you can, try the following: 1. dtv 2. press and hold MUTE & SELECT, wait for two blinks, release 3. enter 0 0 0 0 1 Try the remote, if still doesn't control the receiver, continue: 4. press and hold MUTE & SELECT, wait for two blinks, release 5. enter 9 6 1 6. press CH UP 7. enter last...
try the NXG software at remote central: http://files.remotecentral.com/view/6955-18496-1/nx-rm820_editor.html The nxg nx-rm820 is a rebadged mx-850.
Try the live update icon, satellite looking symbol, see if it upgrades to allow newer codes like 195?
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